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上传列表 - 成功实现计算HhBxgW算法的程序,本人测试已经通过,性能已基本达到HhBxgW算法的性能,需要MATLAB 2009b环境运行,如有问题,欢迎讨论 ,2015-12-12 11:02:40,澳门威尼斯人官网1次

TCPClient.rar - TCP Server and TCP Client which use socket programming with java langhage.
331_task2.rar - TCP/UDP between client and server - This server / ModBus slave simulates equipment communicating with the ModBus protocol on a TCP / IP as a controller for example. It responds to requests from a master / client. I used ModScan32 and a monitoring software that I developed in my company for testing. Some details: - 4 tables of data are scaled to 200 items each (constant chosen arbitrarily) and values of each item (bit / register) can be modified in the cell corresponding - Responses to requests functions 0x01, 0x02, 0x03, 0x04, 0x05, 0x06, 0x10, 0x0F - Return management of exceptions ModBus started but complete - Visual refresh table data after a write request to complete The software is not finalized and has been tested only in certain configurations, it must contain some bugs. If you detect inconsistencies vis-à-vis the protocol, please let me know (I have some issues that differ among the PDF and found the software testing as ModScan32). Development in Visual Studio. NET 2008.
wpf-tcp-server-client.rar - wpf版本的tcp客户端及服务端,填写IP及端口进行链接通讯